Welcome to “The Other Iraq”

Welcome to “The Other Iraq,” a blog which documents my trip to Iraqi Kurdistan from March 11 through March 21. I recently emailed the website address to a number of different people so want to provide a brief overview of the blog and share my plan for future posts. This will be beneficial for myself but also to those who wish to visit the blog in the future. I won’t send out any additional emails regarding updates to the blog, so feel free to keep checking back.

A few previous posts which I already made can be viewed below. They include a brief introduction to the blog, with an explanation of what I am actually doing here, as well as a post detailing my first impressions from Kurdistan. I will try to make a couple more posts before I leave here on March 21. For the two week period following my return to Washington, I will make several additional posts when I have more time to devote to it. The blog will remain online after this time, but I won’t plan on making any regular postings. Some of these future posts will include an overview of the interviews I completed in Erbil, a look at some of the issues I have been researching, what sort of personal experiences I had here, and a few other posts on political issues relating to the Kurdistan Region and Iraq in general.

It has been a very beneficial trip. I have managed to keep quite busy, splitting my time between interviewing various individuals involved in Kurdistan’s oil industry and wandering around Erbil and talking with regular Kurds. Erbil is a fascinating place and I hope my future posts are able to demonstrate that. Something very special is happening in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq and more U.S. investors and citizens alike should be aware of it.

Currently posted on Picasa are photos taken from March 11 through March 16. To view the photo website, click here.

Thanks for visiting the blog and I hope you enjoy it and decide to return. Feel free to email me at tstrouse@gwu.edu if you have any questions, feedback, or suggestions.


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