The Other Iraq in Kurdistan Newspapers

Over the past two days, three posts from The Other Iraq have been featured in English language newspapers in Kurdistan.

On March 26, Rudaw posted Sulaymaniyah to Washington on their website. It was written on March 23, after I returned to Washington. It describes my trip in a shared taxi from Erbil to Sulaymaniyah. On March 27, Kurdish Globe featured two separate articles. The first is The Land of Purple Fingers, which describes the post-election scene in Erbil. The second is First Impressions from Kurdistan, which was written on March 12, my first full day there.

Kurdish Globe is a weekly English language newspaper based in Erbil. It is the only English language news source in Kurdistan that is printed in newspaper format. Click here to view the PDF version of the Kurdish Globe edition printed on March 27. “The Land of Purple Fingers” can be found on page 5 and “First Impressions from Kurdistan” can be found on page 14.

To view the three articles on the websites of Rudaw and Kurdish Globe, click the corresponding links below:

I would like to thank the editors at Rudaw and Kurdish Globe for their willingness to share my posts to a wider audience. Over the past several months, their websites have been invaluable for my basic understanding of the Kurdistan Region and it is an honor to have something published by each of them.


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