About “The Other Iraq” (By: Thomas Strouse)

This blog documents my trip to Iraqi Kurdistan in March 2010. The purpose of the trip is to complete research for my Master’s thesis at George Washington University. The research is on the Kurdistan Regional Government’s oil policies, particularly as it relates to the KRG’s political relations with Baghdad and Turkey. Through interviews and time spent in the region, I hope to learn more about Kurdistan’s oil industry from the perspective of KRG officials and from some of the foreign oil and gas companies operating there.

“The Other Iraq” was a marketing campaign initiated in 2005 by the Kurdistan Development Corporation. Its goal was to promote investment, commerce, and tourism in the Kurdistan Region of Iraq. While the other major parts of Iraq have been plagued with violence since 2003, the Kurdish region in the northern part of the country has been relatively safe and thriving economically.

Contact Thomas Strouse at tstrouse@gwu.edu


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